A small selection of our clients, and a few kind words from some of our past customers.

Client interview

A professional consultant who exceeds our expection anytime

Yoshiharu Kunitsu

GE Japan
Senior corporate executive officer

Congratulations on the new embarking with 2DOGS Ink.
I have paid attention to Mr.Utsunomiya's fineness project management and a logical unique perspective since we worked together at Six Sigma Quality Division, General Electric.
In recent years, we introduce him to our clients as a branding consultant.
Then he gets high evaluations from our clients as reliable partner, and we receive impulses from his ideas that we don't conceive.
We are looking forward to be shown his new phase and the future developments, so he has improved his skill through a lot of challenge and achieved better-than-expected results.

A strategic partner for business building

Goki Arita


We are a sales company which develop more than 100 stores in department stores and station buildings.
2 years has passed since Mr.Utsunomiya helps our C Cube project which comes next a flagship brand HENRI CHARPENTIER that continue more than 45 years.
The works started from design concept development for promotion goods, and product planning.
Unfortunately, this work could not achieve the good results because we couldn't control things well internally.
But it was the real start of association with him.
Many problems stood out in relief to speak straight with him why the good results didn't come.
We became good partners to solve the essential problem that care about operating policy of strategy, and to make systematic flows to shape the thoughts clear and accurate, and to sort out the difficulty that concerns all of projects.
Then we made profits, it entered our key stage.
We are looking forward to build the enterprise with Mr. Utsunomiya as the real strategic partner.

Peach branding—a game changer in the airline industry

Shinichi Inoue

Peach Aviation Limited
Representative Director & CEO

Kenji Utsunomiya assisted in the creation of the Peach brand from scratch. As a result, the fuselages of our airplanes boast a unique design—quite distinct from that of other companies—and we have been given extremely positive feedback in Japan and, indeed, all over Asia.
I believe that the great advantage of Mr. Utsunomiya’s methods stems from the fact that he first and foremost carefully considers the “value” of his clients. Only after he has a firm understanding of this value does he then go on to develop it creatively. It is a method that admits no confusion—everything is thought through with the utmost clarity.
As far as Peach is concerned, on the basis of an interview with me, Mr. Utsunomiya declared that the value of our company was that we were “an airline to change people’s lifestyles.” This was before we had started operating. Now, after four years, this value has become a reality—I can but admire and marvel at his insight.
It has recently come to my attention that this same Mr. Utsunomiya is embarking on a new challenge. With his positive outlook on life, I have no doubt that the new, improved Mr. Utsunomiya will write a new page in the history of Japanese branding. I have great expectations, and I am certain I will not be disappointed.
Mr. Utsunomiya, congratulations on the establishment of 2Dogs Inc.

Partners I can truly rely upon

Masaaki Yajima

Chief Executive Officer at Wacoal China Co., Ltd. until March 2015
Currently Executive Officer at Wacoal Corp.

Until March 2015, I was engaged in the sales and production of women’s innerwear in China.
In 2012, when I was working to develop the new brand “La Rosabelle”, targeted at the middle class, I chose to work with Kenji Utsunomiya and Kenji Hachiya. They were involved in every aspect of the brand development, from the initial concepts and visuals, to the design of sales floors and logo design. Chinese business presents a number of difficulties—for example, experiences of success in Japan do not necessarily transfer well, and the preferences of Chinese consumers are also different. However, Mr. Utsunomiya and Mr. Hachiya’s input was not merely theoretical; rather, they gave careful consideration to the situation on the ground and resolved a number of issues, repeating the PDCA cycle until we finally achieved success. Thanks to their help, La Rosabelle is experiencing healthy growth. They are really business partners that I can truly rely upon.

Client list

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Shiseido Company, Limited



Oriental Land Co., Ltd.

Adastria Holdings Co., Ltd.

Wacoal Corp.




Fujitex Co., Ltd.

Sendenkaigi Co., Ltd.

Sojitz Infinity Inc.


Gurunavi, Inc.

Ponte Vecchio Hotta Corporation

Aichi Dobby. LTD.