CEO's message

2Dogs is made up of a dedicated team of professionals that aim to create new value to society.

Together with our clients and partners, we want so bring new and better solutions to the ever-changing society we live in.
The world has never been changing more rapidly. Solutions to business challenges that worked two years ago are no longer effective. Are you simply playing by the old rules or are you able to create new ones that make a positive change to society?
By teaming up with amazing people with specialized and varied skills we are able to challenge “business as usual” and create new solutions that work today.
We hope you will join us.

Kenji Utsunomiya, CEO

Ideal team member for 2DOGS

Our most important assets are our employees. It is precisely because of our team of professionals with varied experiences, that we are able to offer a comprehensive brand consulting service.
In order for 2Dogs to continue to grow in the future, we are also looking for talented people to join us. Some of the qualities we are looking for:

  • People who have — or are in the process of developing — any expertise in a particular field.
  • People who are able to work with people from different fields, and generate new values together.
  • People who genuinely desire to bring these new values to the wider world.
  • People who are confident they will enjoy the process outlined above.


Moved to 2DOGS after working on hotel interior design and furniture design with a major architecture firm. Her work now involves increasing corporate brand value through proposals that are then added to design. 2DOGS uses small, select teams, with each member handling a broad range of work, providing a satisfying work experience. This is a great opportunity for people who want to handle client accounts, covering all details from start to finish.

Mai Nakane, Life Experience Consultant/Interior Designer

I joined 2Dogs in 2013 after graduating from Tama Art University. At present, I oversee interactive UI design such as digital signage. I am constantly in pursuit of more effective targeting approaches, and greater ease-of-use and simplicity. All of our clients are major corporations, so we are involved with a large number of companies and people. This places a premium on strong communication skills. Consequently, potential applicants should enjoy interacting with a variety of different people.

Chisato Murayama, Designer

I formerly worked on creating core systems at an IT consultancy firm but I joined the company after I became interested in the way in which it implements client branding using a variety of media. Here, every member of the team uses their skill and expertise and together, we are able to create powerful synergy to help our clients

Mariko Inui, Life Experience Consultant

My role involves digital construction, analysis, and operations. Our digital team makes thorough investigations into our customers’ problems, listening to consumer voices and carrying out market research. We design user interfaces based on analysis of this data. Since we are also charged with handling web operations, we execute hypothesis-testing cycles, and have accumulated a great deal of expertise.

Kei Hidaka, Digital Director

I am in charge of our interior design service “Kenzai Select Gallery”. We specialize in retail store design and help our customers with strategic design solutions that help enhance sales. The Kenzai Select Gallery is a service built to improve the efficiency of the building material selection process, from the initial search phase through to purchase. However, it stems from an idea I had to improve inconveniences I experienced in my own work. I would not have been able to perfect the gallery without the backing of a team who has expertise in a wide range of different areas.

Daiki Miyasaka, Spatial Director

I previously worked in the apparel industry, but my job here encompasses a wide range of design-related activities, including graphic development, logo development, and web design. Keeping abreast of the latest developments in media and design—which evolve on a daily basis—I am constantly working hard to provide added value.
I hope that new recruits devote themselves to self-improvement, and are hungry to grow.

Wataru Asano, Art Director

Recruitment guidelines

Job Vacancies
  • ◆Assistant Web Designer (Director’s Assistant)
  • ◆Assistant Web Programmer
  • ◆Director or Assistant Director for Film and Graphic Development
  • ◆Interior Designer
Job description Successful applicants will be expected to perform various development work related to branding.
Job requirements Applicants must at least have graduated from high school, and be 28 years old or below.
*New graduates and recent graduates are welcome to apply.
Salary Salaries will be calculated based on experience and according to company regulations.
Benefits Social Insurance, transportation fees, etc.
Salary Adjustments Once a year, in March
Bonus Twice a year, in June and December.
*An additional end-of-year bonus may be awarded in December depending on company performance
Working hours 10am to 6pm (overtime may be required depending on work content)
Holidays Two days per week, (Saturday and Sunday), national holidays, summer and winter vacation.
How to apply Applicants are invited to send their CV with a recent photograph attached. Short-listed applicants will be contacted for interview.
Please send résumés to the following address: Human Resources
2DOGS Inc.
8F Hoshi Bldg, 2-4-5, Ebisu nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0021, Japan

2Dogs recruitment privacy policy

2Dogs Inc. (Hereinafter “2Dogs”) handles the personal data of job applicants in accordance with its compliance program, and adhere to the points outlined below.

  1. The purpose of collecting personal data.
    2Dogs collects personal data—defined as any data that can identify you or be referred to you as an individual, including but not limited to names, addresses, and telephone numbers—as part of its recruitment process. Any personal data collected will only be used for the 2Dogs recruitment process, and will not be used for any other purpose.
  2. Provision of personal data by job applicants.
    Personal data is required for the 2Dogs recruitment process. Any applicants refusing to provide the necessary data will not be considered for the recruitment process.
  3. Management of personal data.
    2Dogs securely manages and protects collected personal data according to the personal data protection standards outlined by Japanese Industrial Standard (JISQ15001). 2Dogs will under no circumstances disclose collected personal data to third parties. In addition, following the completion of the recruitment process, 2Dogs assumes full responsibility for the appropriate disposal of collected personal data.
  4. Release, correction, and deletion of personal data.
    Job applicants can request the release of their own personal data provided to 2Dogs. In addition, applicants can request the correction and/or deletion of their own personal data. However, in order to allow the recruitment process to function smoothly, job applicants may be required to correct and/or delete personal data within an appropriate timeframe. Job applicants wishing to request the release, correction and/or deletion of personal data are asked to contact the inquiry contact above. In such cases, in order to prevent unwanted disclosure and correction of personal data by third parties, job applicants will be required to provide proof of identity. The release, correction and/or deletion of personal data will only be permitted when proof of identity has been satisfactorily confirmed.